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Construction consulting services

Construction Consulting

At Solpro Builders, we offer a wide range of construction consulting services designed to help our clients navigate the complexities of the construction process. Our services include property damage appraisal, umpire services, and comparative estimates. Our experienced team of professionals use their extensive knowledge of the industry to provide accurate assessments, promote fair resolutions, and streamline the entire process for our clients.

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Consulting Services

insurance claim damage appraisal services


Appraisal Services

We offer professional appraisal services for insurance claims damage and construction disputes, including issues related to defects, delays, and cost overruns. Our experienced appraisers use industry-standard techniques to accurately assess property damage and determine necessary repairs or replacements, ensuring you receive fair and accurate compensation.


Umpire Services 

We offer professional umpire services for clients who require a neutral third-party to resolve disputes related to construction projects. Our experienced umpires are trained to handle complex disputes and provide impartial decisions that are fair and just for all parties involved. Whether you're dealing with issues related to construction defects, project delays, or cost overruns, our umpire services can help provide a resolution that meets your needs.


Construction Consulting 

We offer a range of construction consulting services designed to help clients navigate the complexities of construction projects. Our experienced team of professionals provides expert guidance and advice to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. Whether you're looking for project management, comparative estimates, or damage assessment, our team has the expertise to help you succeed.


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